27 June 2006

You think I'm a good fit for this job?

As you might expect from the nation’s leading music technology retailer, Sweetwater’s sales team is comprised of a diverse group of expert salespeople, each with a unique style of selling, and all with proven track records of excellence. A successful salesperson must apply a number of skills every day. We look for a range of characteristics when selecting a new member of our talented team.

You have both technical savvy and street smarts. You know how to qualify the customer, understand his or her needs, determine the best mix of products, put together a comprehensive solution, and close the deal. You achieve a balance of performance and principle while maximizing customer satisfaction. You are passionate about your work and are always thinking about the next sale and who to discuss it with. You work hard, are always prepared, and have earned the customer's trust. You also stay engaged, even after the deal is done.

Skills We Look For

• A firm understanding of all aspects of music and audio technology
• A passion for the gear, with the ability to turn that passion into sales
• Motivated, results-driven personality with a strong desire to succeed
• Articulate communicator, both verbally and in writing
• Highest level of ethics
• Strong competitor
• Excellent negotiator
• Account management skills
• Qualification skills
• Enjoy working on your own as well as on a dynamic team
• Are comfortable thinking analytically, solving problems, and taking ownership
• Seek challenges and enjoy finding answers
• Have a high level of attention to detail and are a perfectionist


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