22 June 2006

Where's the creativity?

A pastor friend of mine said the following:

"Christians should be the most creative people on the planet!"

I have to say, I totally agree. Even though it goes against all that I am (non-creative), I have to stand by that fact. But, the American church (for the most part) has snuffed out creativity like it were Jimmy Hoffa, seemingly to never be found again. Why is that?

Our traditions were born out of someone's creative thinking years ago, right? The stuff we do today was new at one point. Why are we so comfortable with being comfortable? Why is anything "new" met with cynicism? I mean, I'd be happy if things were met with skepticism, because a skeptic will at least look into things before turning up their nose. Cynics on the other hand, I have no use for them.

We were created in God's image, right? There is really nothing new under the sun, right? Well, keeping those two points in mind, we can pretty much eliminate the opinions of most naysayers (some naysayers are good; they keep you from getting yourself into trouble).

We, being created in God's image/likeness means that we should follow His example in order to be an accurate portrayal. Now, that God is a smart one. He knows, well, everything. So, you would think that when He inspired people throughout the years to pen the Scriptures, He probably had some idea as to how they would turn out. Maybe just a hint, huh? Well...

When I go to the beginning of God's written revelation to us, I can't seem to get past the first five words of Genesis, "In the beginning God created..."

So, from that we can see that everything starts with God. In the beginning, all that existed was God. For eternity before the time of man, He was. Now, after eternity (is that possible) He did one thing to break the "silence", so-to-speak. He created. Of all the things to start the story of God and man, He wanted us to have no doubt that is was HIM who existed and started all things and that what He did in the beginning, was CREATE.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, He'd like us to follow suit? All mankind was created in His image, that includes everyone in the world who are headed straight to hell if they don't receive Christ. So, if everyone on earth was created to be creative, like God, explain this to me.

Why are the most creative people outside of the Kingdom of God? Because although the Kingdom of God (and its King - God himself) wants creativity, the American church doesn't. Oh sure, some churches allow anyone to come and sit in a pew on a Sunday, which they should. But, you want to serve in ministry?

"Well, I know you are a devoted prayer warrior and you give faithfully to the cause of Christ. I can even see that you have a gift for music, (or art, or dance, or whatever) but if you're gonna be in plain view of the rest of the congregation, your hair can't be like that. Blue hair is not allowed. You'll have to shave that mohawk. Of course we want you to wear a tie, but not with a t-shirt, cargo shorts and a pair of Vans. No, you can't wear plaid pants on the platform."

Why are these things "taboo"? Because they are labeled as new. Guess what. There is nothing new under the sun. It's not new to God, it's only new to you because you have tunnel-vision and are too comfortable being comfortable. You know what happens when people do the same thing the same way for far too long? They roam in the desert for 40 years.

You know why these things aren't allowed? Obviously because they can be distracting and seem as though those people are trying to draw attention to themselves. Why would it seem that way? Because everyone else, the "mature Christians" all do it the same way. They follow the same old traditions that have almost zero validity. Why? Because it's comfortable.

Creativity left the church so long ago, that we are uncomfortable with creative people. We call them names and assume they lack humility. You can even follow the suit and tie dress code to the letter, but if your tie is say, tie-dye, you will get some looks and most likely some comments. Heck, if enough old-timers don't like it, you may get "spoken to". Why, because it's "showy". Because you are obviously trying to draw attention to yourself.

It's funny. The reason I felt so comfortable at church so quickly was the fact that there was no sign whatsoever that creativity was even an option, let alone a requirement. Ironically, that feeling now makes me squirm in my seat and pray for God to unleash His creativity in me. Of course if He did that, I'd get in a heap of trouble. Mmmmm... trouble.....

Y'all can thank Amy for triggering this particular rant.


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