18 June 2006

Missions Minded?

"When you begin to think missionally, you realize, This is not somebody else’s responsibility; it’s my responsibility. Christ’s commission to the early Christians was to reach out to Jerusalem, then Samaria, then to the corners of the earth. I have to take care of my 'Jerusalem'.

As people begin to think like a missionary, they begin to take responsibility for the lostness of people in their Jerusalem. And they see those people as individuals. As followers of Christ begin to build a bridge to individual lost people, they create personal, tangible evidence of their Christian testimony.We have to be involved in an incarnational theology. We have to demonstrate the reality of Christ in all that we do. Yes, we have beautiful buildings and our churches offer lots of programs and activities. But we can’t expect the lost to come to us. We, as Christ’s representatives, have to seep into every fiber of this society so that we influence people positively for the Kingdom."

Alton Garrison serves as executive director of Assemblies of God U.S. Missions. His passion for reaching America for Christ is built on many years of personal ministry. He was an evangelist for 18 years before pastoring First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, Ark., for 15 years. Prior to leading U.S. Missions, Garrison served as superintendent of the Arkansas District and as an executive presbyter of the Assemblies of God. He spoke with Hal Donaldson, editor in chief, about some of America’s greatest spiritual needs — and his belief that Assemblies of God churches are divinely positioned to meet those needs.


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