21 June 2006

Communication Breakdown

Communication breakdown, it's always the same.
Having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane!

So why can't people communicate? Maybe some just have nothing to communicate, and that's understandable. How about we not let those people be in charge of anything important? It's one thing if the person in charge has things planned out and a course of action thought up but just lacks in the communication department. It's another to just have nothing to communicate because you don't plan or think far enough in advance to effectively carry anything out.

The second situation is made worse when such a person knows that they are lacking in these areas, are offered help from people who excel in these areas, yet turn it down out of sheer pridefulness. Then to hear them talk about how many hours they put in. Doing what?

Don't try to do everything, especially those things you are not gifted at doing. Let those with the gift carry that burden for you. "Hello, hand. Stop trying to be a foot; you end up walking funny that way and everyone can see how stupid it looks."

When you work outside the calling that God has for your life at any given time, you're robbing the Kingdom. By trying to work in the flesh in those areas you are not gifted, you're not allowing people gifted in those areas an opportunity to do what God has called them to do. Thus, you are robbing the Kingdom. Eventually, all the gifted people around you will walk away and leave you there crying in the corner with your broken toy (ministry) wondering what happened. Then mommy and daddy will come over and take the broken toy away and explain that you should have learned how to play with it properly, especially given how many people were there to help.

Communication is a two-way street. I can even work with a one-way street type of person. It's the other type I can't work with. They don't share any thoughts or plans (if they have any) until the last second or until after the fact. In addition, they don't listen when other people say anything to them.

Either those in leadership above this type of individual need to cut ties with them, or we (I) need to seek another place to serve within the giftings and abilities God has bestowed upon us.


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